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THE STRESSERS; Parents, Family, School, Friends, Ex Boyfriends.!

&nd sometimes ex girlfriends lol JK.!!

Well where do i begin…. first off i have the most irritating, demanding, annoying parents anyone has ever met, sometimes i find myslef not knowing whaa to do with them.. my mom &nd i dnt get along too well, all my dad does is talk about how my half brothers make him proud.. like HELLO.!!! whaa happend to meh fitting into tht family portrait ”/ At some points i feel like they wish i was nvr born..

School is the WORST.!! talk about unnecessary HOMEWORK like seriously man.. i have 800 more pages of math too finish in juss 5 weeks -___- graduating in the summer isnt as great as it seems.!! SOOO MUCH HOMEWORK SOO LIL TIME.!! im screwed ):

Friends arent always a good thing.. yuh spend more time tryna figure out whose real &nd fake then actually enjoying their company, dnt truss every person tht decides to befriend yuh, most of them are juss bullshiting yuh anyways.. like i say “if they dnt benefit yuhr life then they’re not worth a friendship”

Last but not least EX BOYFRIENDS this topic is a touchy topic for most females of the world… ughhhh Ive recently learned tht letting go isnt as easy as it seems but its better to get over him now then dwell over him throughout your future. TIME TO MOVE ON LADIES.!! if he dnt realize whaaa yuhr worth then its his loss &nd another man’s gain.! YEAH its true you’ll never find another like him BUT thts bcuz you’ll find BETTER.!! i try to keep positive thots in my mind maybe you shuld try the same..



Real girls are not perfect because perfect girls are not real. DRIZZY DRAKE <3


so im discussing a very touchy topic with my peers lol

&nd i absolutely HATE when ppl be tryna have a full on convo with meh while im tryna take a piss.!!! like damn cuh/bluhd whatever yuh is leave meh alone FOOL.!!! its ME TIME 

Im not tryna discuss why your moma yelled at yuh today or why you &nd your boyfriend broke up im tryna concentrate on my piss &nd moving on dammit.!! this aint the time for oprah.!!! smh 

Don&#8217;t let my sweet look FOOL you I&#8217;m NOT like most people, image doesn&#8217;t reflect on my ATTITUDE.! (;

Don’t let my sweet look FOOL you I’m NOT like most people, image doesn’t reflect on my ATTITUDE.! (;